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Do you travel? I take a limited amount of out-of-town speaking engagements each year. My website lists my current bookings under the Events tab.

How much do you charge? Aside from asking the inviting organization to cover travel/lodging/food for me, I generally charge between $600-$1000/day. I do negotiate based on your budget. In fixing my rates I consider travel requirements, length of event and prep time.

What speaking topics can you present? I speak on spiritual friendship and accompaniment; creating artistic and spiritual communities; the intersection of spirituality, creativity and mental illness; horror and the religious imagination; and creative nonfiction and spiritual autobiography.

Videos and audio files of my talks are available on this site.


Yes, this workshop was about creating a blog. What made it valuable, though, was hearing about assembling an extended community of the disenfranchised, people from all walks of life who have found a home, a familial meaning-making space for Catholics and non-Catholics hungry for such an opportunity … an open, non-judgmental spiritual context where the religiously alienated, the marginalized for whatever reason, might feel at home. Here the disappointed and depressed, the doubtful and divorced, gay and transgender, spiritual but not religious, indeed where all manner of lonely people could share their troubles in a safe, affirming spiritual environment. — Paul Chaffee, The Interfaith Observer, on Jessica’s blogging/spiritual community workshop for the Religion Communicators Conference

I invited Jessica Mesman Griffith to give a keynote address at our conference because her essays are personally intense, spiritually poignant, and operating at a high level of literary craft. She did not disappoint. Students, faculty, and guests were drawn to her vulnerable work immediately. As she wrapped up, a long line formed to talk with her. Jessica’s reading created a buzz that lasted days, and an impact on individual audience members that will surely last much longer. — Daniel Bowman, Jr., Associate Professor of English, Taylor University

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