On Religion, Fake News and Self-Made Bubbles

With the intensive post-analysis of the presidential election last year, we had the beginnings of a national conversation on  the new reality of how people are consuming news. “Fake news” has superseded real news in troubling ways. Selective exposure, filter bubbles, echo chambers, confirmation bias, implicit bias, and other terms have entered common dialogue. But suggested … More On Religion, Fake News and Self-Made Bubbles

Commonweal Magazine on Love & Salt For Lent

Commonweal Magazine’s suggestion to pick up Love & Salt for a Lenten practice: “Today is Ash Wednesday. Lenten practices – prayer and fasting and almsgiving; ashes and palms; fish fries and egg sandwiches and CRS ricebowls; giving up coffee or alcohol or candy – all aim at this transformation….It’s also a time when people take up spiritual … More Commonweal Magazine on Love & Salt For Lent

Beyonce and the Black Madonna

Watching Beyonce’s Grammy performance, I nearly wept. We’ve seen stylized photos of pregnant celebrities before–they’re hardly controversial at this point. But I can’t remember seeing a pregnant woman on stage at a mainstream cultural event, doing her thing–being an artist, interpreting, performing, working–instead of hiding her “delicate condition.” (Vanessa Williams immediately tweeted:“They never showed my pregnant belly when … More Beyonce and the Black Madonna

Lamenting the Flood

I was born and raised in southern Louisiana, and flooding was a fact of life in our low-slung neighborhood. A summer cloudburst could put us on the five o’clock news in New Orleans, and we’d see our neighbors swimming in the drainage ditches and floating in pirogues down the street. Because I was a kid, this … More Lamenting the Flood