Beyonce and the Black Madonna

Watching Beyonce’s Grammy performance, I nearly wept. We’ve seen stylized photos of pregnant celebrities before–they’re hardly controversial at this point. But I can’t remember seeing a pregnant woman on stage at a mainstream cultural event, doing her thing–being an artist, interpreting, performing, working–instead of hiding her “delicate condition.” (Vanessa Williams immediately tweeted:“They never showed my pregnant belly when … More Beyonce and the Black Madonna

Lamenting the Flood

I was born and raised in southern Louisiana, and flooding was a fact of life in our low-slung neighborhood. A summer cloudburst could put us on the five o’clock news in New Orleans, and we’d see our neighbors swimming in the drainage ditches and floating in pirogues down the street. Because I was a kid, this … More Lamenting the Flood

all that is seen and unseen: scary podcasts

I gravitate toward the strange and gothic—I blame my upbringing on the edge of New Orleans, a place more haunted than most. I like to get good and scared, especially in the safety of my own home, surrounded by those I love. But nothing has captivated me quite like Lore, whose creator—novelist Aaron Mahnke—does little more … More all that is seen and unseen: scary podcasts

Things Saving My Life

I’m poking my head out of my hobbit hole, where I am so diligently working to finish my feature story about teenage spirituality for US Catholic, to tell you that you should definitely be listening to the Nocturne podcast by Vanessa Lowe.  It’s essay radio exploring every corner of the night, and it blends expert storytelling, research, … More Things Saving My Life