Wearing Our Lives Lightly


I’m over at The Mudroom today with my first post as a contributor.

“And all the liturgical feasts and solemnities of the season speak of our amazement to find him here among us, in our flesh, in our world. The three wise men find him by the stars. Simeon recognizes Him as the Messiah and says he can finally die happy. John the Baptist watches a dove descend from heaven and hears a voice cry, “This is my beloved son.” And at Cana, some lucky wedding guests witnessed his first public miracle, when he saved the party by turning some water into the very best wine.

Awe, wonder, feasting. I’m pretty good at those Epiphany-type things.

But there’s another story of recognizing God among us, and it’s a story of fear and cowardice. I’m pretty good at those things too.”

Come over and read the rest at The Mudroom.

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