Things Saving My Life

I’m poking my head out of my hobbit hole, where I am so diligently working to finish my feature story about teenage spirituality for US Catholic, to tell you that you should definitely be listening to the Nocturne podcast by Vanessa Lowe.  It’s essay radio exploring every corner of the night, and it blends expert storytelling, research, and Lowe’s lovely voice. Each show is like a meditation, or a dream, or even a prayer. I want to be Nocturne podcast when I grow up. I also want to be this Kurt Vile record. 

Also, I had a transcendent spiritual experience yesterday while not working on my story. I took a walk in an apple orchard and listened to Mahalia Jackson. This isn’t the first time His Eye Is on the Sparrow has has saved my life. Thank you, Queen of Gospel.

Carry on.

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