The 2017 Religion Communicators Convention & Wilbur Awards

“How do you become the top blog on the biggest religious and spiritual website? Jessica Mesman Griffith has a few ideas. She is co-founder of one that rocketed to success in the last year despite her doing almost everything counterintuitively. You may be surprised about what she has to say. In January 2016 she launched Sick Pilgrim with another sympathetic author, Jonathan Ryan, and they were shocked to find so many others who felt just like they did. Together they found a way – almost by accident – to speak over all the noise that had led their peers to check out from Catholic media. Participants will walk away with ideas about how to build a great blog and a growing audience.” – Religion Communicators Council


Five (or more) Ways to Make One Sick Blog Workshop with Sick Pilgrim’s Jessica Mesman Griffith and Jonathan Ryan. See the video here.

The Sick Pilgrim Blog was among the winners at the Wilbur Awards this year. See the video here (go to 01:13:00 to view our acceptance speech).

The Covering of Religion in an Age of Corporatized Media and Self-Made Bubbles featured Manya Brachear Pashman (The Chicago Tribune), Mariam Sobh (CBS Radio),  Emily McFarlan Miller (Religion News Service), and Jessica Mesman Griffith. See the video here.

Event Photos:

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