take your broken heart, make it into art

“Take your broken heart; make it into art,” Meryl Streep said through tears, quoting her late friend, fellow actress Carrie Fisher, when she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes earlier this year.

Streep’s controversial comments were directed at those who felt brokenhearted at the election of a certain president, but her visible grief for her lost friend reminded me—of all things—of a powerful scene in the Disney animated feature Moana.

Like in Disney’s previous princess-franchise blockbuster Frozen, there’s no real villain in Moana. Instead there is a death-dealing lava monster that erupts when anyone dares approach—spewing fire instead of Elsa’s ice. But this monster isn’t a princess; she’s a brokenhearted goddess. Or, more accurately, a stolen-hearted goddess.

Read the rest at US Catholic Magazine.

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