Highlights from Trying to Say God 2017

Jonathan and I talked about the origins of the Sick Pilgrim blog and online community and I read from my essay, “Holy Innocents,” from our book Strange Journey, due out November 1 from Loyola Press:

I disappointed everyone by admitting I’m not actually a witch, just a Catholic girl from New Orleans who has found God to be most present to me in what most people outside my homeland would call strange ways:

I moderated a panel of six brilliant, hilarious women writers who are showing us the infinite variations of what it means to be Catholic:

I got to introduce one of my favorite working writers, Heather King, and she gave a talk that brought us all to our knees:

You can see more highlights by searching the #TTSG17 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Onward to 2019 in Toronto, Canada.




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